Captivating! Spellbounding!... Scotty McLean, Scotland's top comic magician!

If you’re looking to provide stunning entertainment for your audience, Scotty McLean’s magic has the right ingredients...

His act is always topical, hysterically funny, clean and with the added touch of audience participation the magic is complete.

Scotty McLean's combination of amazing sleight-of-hand magic and humour have certainly been key factors that have made Scotty in constant demand to perform at the world's top venues.

Cruise line companies that have successfully engaged Scotty include Seabourn, Holland America, Regent, Oceania and Royal Caribbean.

He is also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood and Equity.

Scotty has been the winner of major Scottish Magic Awards including twice consecutive winner of the 'Murray Wand' for showmanship.

Scotty Mclean - The Friend of Israel